Just Add Water - Cape Town to Kampala

In January 2016, Liam Garcia, Dave Cook and the Just Add Water team will begin a 7,000 km cycle and hike through eight African countries. Starting in the shadow of the iconic Table Mountain and culminating at the largest lake in Africa the team will be investigating the factors behind water and sanitation deprivation, and the efforts made towards provision. The expedition will take the team from urban townships through rural villages to the highest point in Africa, across some of the most deadly landscapes in the world.


The Long Well Walk started on March 22nd 2014
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Why water?

Nearly 800 million people across the globe do not have access to clean water.
Every 20 seconds a child dies as a result of poor sanitation. Safe water and sanitation provides the foundations needed for long-term development.
Why walk?

The Long Well Walk will provide a real link between communities in the UK and communities across Africa.
All to raise awareness of the conditions faced in day to day life and to promote the sustainable change needed to enjoy a healthier future.

Why donate?

No donations will ever cover salary costs.
Unlike many other organisations we commit 100% of all public donations to creating sustainable community projects.



We commit 100% of public donations to our sustainable projects.

We would not exist without the amazing efforts of our supporters and sponsors.

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All our projects are led by their local community.

We work towards sustainable water and sanitation projects, led by the local community, that lay the foundations for improvements in health, education, gender equality, local economy and overall community development.

To find out more click on the project icon in their countries. We currently have projects in Uganda and Kenya.

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Name: No donations will ever cover salary costs.

Unlike many other organisations we commit 100% of all public donations to projects.

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